for Randy Crane

Randy Crane was an exemplary employee at CDF Capital and was unfortunately dismissed as a result of our downsizing. Randy worked with us in a variety of roles for over thirteen years. He has an attention to detail and is particularly interested in situations that take advantage of his critical thinking. I would recommend Randy as an employee and would welcome a call to expound upon this reference.

Brad Dupray, Senior Vice President
CDF Capital

As COO of RoboDocs, I interacted heavily with clients on a daily basis and Randy Crane was one of them. I enjoyed working with Randy for many reasons, and for the several years I’ve worked with him, I’ve found that his level of professionalism and responsiveness was both unfailing and topnotch. Because of his experience and acumen, I’d be blessed to collaborate with him again in virtually any future business relationship.

Susan Cho, Data Acquisition/Analysis

I worked with Randy for all 13 years he worked for our company. He has a great work ethic and is dedicated to whatever he does. He works well with others and is a team player. Randy would be a great asset for whatever he does.

Elizabeth Schroth, Investment Coordinator
CDF Capital

I worked alongside of Randy for almost 13 years, across various departments, and he always showed great enthusiasm, dedication, and the ability to take on new challenges, and learn new skills, time and time again. He would be a great asset for any company.

Joel McAnear, Credit Officer
CDF Capital

Initiative and creativity are easy to spot, even when a person isn’t your direct report. Over the years I’ve observed Randy to be exceptionally bright and willing to push himself above and beyond the expected. I am pleased to be able to recommend Randy for any position that will tap into his desire to make a difference through service and innovation.

Larry Winger, CEO
Provision Ministry Group

Analytical without being anal. Able to know he is right without being cocky or arrogant, and even willing to learn from the exchange. I guess that means he is willing to become more right. But again not with arrogance.

Tyson Behrns, Teacher
Covenant Christian School

Randy is a dedicated and loyal employee as well as a deeply caring person.

Mary Hopkins, Sr Investment Servicing Representative
CDF Capital

I have worked with Randy for many years, and he has always been straightforward, honest, thoughtful and meticulous. He has tremendous knowledge and expertise in the commercial real estate lending business. I give Randy my highest recommendation.

Gary Highland, President and General Counsel

Randy is a both a thinker and doer. He is analytical and action-oriented, and is a trustworthy person. He knows how to balance work and family life and therefore does well as both a worker and as a father. He is responsible and dependable. Randy is an excellent writer, having published at least two books that I know of.

Leo Lozano, Credit Officer
CDF Capital

I have worked with Randy for many years. He is careful and a quick learner. He has administered our optical storage software system and has worked extensively with our core banking system, scanning projects and various Excel analyses. He is bright and personable and a pleasure to work with.

Daryl Gest, VP of Technology
CDF Capital